580 Extra Wide TV Unit - Floating Effect - 180/200cm Wide - Solid Wood - Adjustable Shelving - Sliding Door Storage - Dovetailed Joints - Black Powder Coated Steel Legs

floating effect extra wide TV unit with storage in solid wood from Blue Island Home
floating effect extra wide TV unit with storage in solid wood from Blue Island Home
steel leg fitted on a extra wide TV unit  in solid wood
Sample of a medium walnut wood finish from Blue Island Home
Sample of a light Victorian oak Wood finish from Blue Island Home
Sample of a dark Jacobean Wood finish from Blue Island Home
Sample of a black Wood finish from Blue Island Home

580 Extra Wide TV Unit - Floating Effect - 180/200cm Wide - Solid Wood - Adjustable Shelving - Sliding Door Storage - Dovetailed Joints - Black Powder Coated Steel Legs

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Wood Finish
Wood Finish

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580 Extra Wide TV Unit - Floating Effect - 180/200cm Wide - Solid Wood - Adjustable Shelving - Sliding Door Storage - Dovetailed Joints - Black Powder Coated Steel Legs

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Stylish versatility is on offer with our extra wide TV unit with floating effect, carefully handcrafted from sustainable solid Scandinavian redwood pine. The sliding doors can be positioned so that any one compartment is open. Each media storage compartment has adjustable shelving options (three shelves are supplied with the TV unit). 

We understand the importance of a clutter-free living space, which is why we design all our TV units with cable management in mind. This TV unit features one cable hole in each compartment so that all the wires of your entertainment essentials can be discreetly hidden out at through the back. The custom-made steel legs of our extra wide TV unit are finished in black powder coating and designed to offer reassuring strength with minimal impact on the design to create a 'floating' look without the holes in the wall.

This unique extra wide TV unit with traditional dovetailed joints is available in a choice of two widths and four stain finishes so you can choose the perfect made-to-order furniture for your home.

  • Two sliding doors, removeable
  • Central open storage 
  • 3 x adjustable and removeable shelves
  • Cable Management 
  • Dovetailed joints, square edges
  • Black powder coated steel legs

All our furniture is handmade to order at our workshop in Chichester, West Sussex, England. 
We aim to dispatch within 1 to 2 weeks.



180cm, 200cm





Unit Height (without legs)


Leg Height


Central Internal Space (with 1.8cm shelf removed)

180cm wide TV unit: W57.6 x D37 x H22.8cm // 200cm wide TV unit: W64.4 x D37 x H22.8cm

Space in each side compartment (with 1.8cm shelf removed)

180cm wide TV unit: W57.6 x D37 x H22.8cm // 200cm wide TV unit: W64.2 x D37 x H22.8cm

Plug / Access Hole Diameter

7cm, there are 3 plug access holes (1 in each compartment behind the sliding doors, 1 in central compartment)


Sustainably sourced solid Scandinavian redwood pine

Wood ThicknessCabinet & shelves: 18mm. Doors: 9mm


Insert doors, shelves & attach legs. Shelf studs, screws & pilot holes for legs provided

The TV unit pictured is in Jacobean.

Free UK delivery covers most UK mainland addresses.
For our larger furniture pieces, please take a look at our Delivery page below for the list of postcodes which our courier charges a small delivery supplement to.

  • Finish

    Our wood is hand-sanded and hand finished to produce a highly tactile smooth polished finish.

    We use industry leading light-fast stains for their depth and richness of colour and finish with an ultra-durable, satin-matte clear lacquer for hardwearing lasting protection for years of use.

    Our furniture grade solid Scandinavian redwood pine is professionally jointed and beautifully hand crafted to retain the natural rustic features including original knots, grain and distressed features. Every piece is unique and reflects a rustic finishing style.

    Please take a look at our Materials & Finishes page for more details.

  • Sustainability, Footprint and Recycling

    We only use solid Scandinavian Redwood Pine sourced from sustainably managed forests, certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

    All our metalwork is made locally to our own design and to a high standard by experienced steel fabricators.

    We are committed to constantly reducing our impact on the environment. We use local suppliers where possible. Our short supply chain results in a lower carbon footprint.

    Waste products from our manufacturing process such as wood offcuts are made into kindling for locals to take away and our sawdust collected by local farmers.

  • Assembly & Care

    The TV unit comes assembled. The legs, doors and shelves are packed separately.

    The doors just need sliding through the grooves and the shelves fitted into the cabinet. The legs will need attaching to the media unit. We will drill pilot holes to show where the legs go and assembly is really straight forward with a Phillips head screwdriver. No power tool is required. We will include screws and shelf studs with instructions on assembly.

    Care & Clean

    The finish of your TV stand will continue looking like new for years with regular care & clean. All our furniture can be properly maintained in a good, clean condition by simply wiping with a soft cloth moistened with tepid water.

    The finish we use is formulated for use on surfaces which require a high level of performance and resistance to chemical degradation, primarily from household chemicals such as tea, coffee, red wine, nail varnish remover, perfume. However if the furniture has become "grubby" due to the accumulation of contaminants such as secretions from hands, minor spillages etc, a small amount of mild detergent (less than 1% by volume of washing up liquid) added to the water will ease the cleaning operation. After cleaning, any excess water should be wiped off immediately with a soft dry cloth to leave the coated surface completely dry.

    It is not advisable to use wax-containing polishes as they can quickly cause a buildup of wax residues on the lacquer surface which will become embedded with dust and dirt and result in a grubby appearance. These wax residues can also alter the degree of sheen of the lacquer surface, i.e matt finishes can become glossy.

    We also recommend that you do not use industrial cleaners which may contain bleaching agents, abrasives and other chemical additives as it is not possible to test every combination of cleanser and lacquered surface. Some detergents can have a detrimental effect on the lacquered surface and cause visible and lasting damage.


    The surrounding air temperature plays an important role in relative air humidity. Changes in the temperature can cause the wood to quickly react by expanding/contracting. This movement can cause the wood to move (warp/cup) and new shakes (cracks) to open. This could result in openings at the joints. As a result, furniture should not be placed near strong heat sources such as radiators and wood burners, etc. Likewise, furniture should not be stored in places where the temperature can suddenly change such as outdoors, conservatories, or outhouses etc.

    Sun/UV Light: 

    Whilst the colour of the wood will mature with age, UV light can also impact the colour. Like many materials, uneven exposure to sunlight could result in colour differences. If your furniture is placed in direct sunlight, you should avoid leaving anything on the surface for extended periods. We recommend regularly moving items stored on the surface to allow even exposure to UV. 

  • Customisation

    Customisations are available for all our furniture. If you love the style but need different dimensions, doors, rounded or square corners, removable shelves, more or fewer cable holes or a different configuration then just get in touch.

    We also offer a bespoke furniture service where we can work with you to design your perfect piece.


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