Are you a vinyl enthusiast searching for a storage solution that marries functionality with undeniable style? At Blue Island Home, we specialise in crafting bespoke vinyl storage units from solid oak and pine. Not only will these cabinets organise your cherished vinyl collection, but they'll also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Dive into how our Retro and Mid-Century Modern designs can transform your home into a haven of minimalist elegance and musical nostalgia.

Why Choose Blue Island Home?

Craftsmanship and Quality:

At Blue Island Home, we pride ourselves on meticulous craftsmanship. We design, make, finish and dispatch each vinyl cabinet & turntable stand in-house. We do not outsource our production! Our vinyl storage units arrive fully assembled, sparing you the hassle of flat packs, instruction manuals or missing screws. The quality speaks for itself, with sustainably sourced solid oak and pine, and traditional dovetail joinery ensuring unparalleled strength and stability.

Retro and Mid-Century Modern Magic

Timeless Design:

Our design philosophy draws inspiration from Mid-Century Modern aesthetics and minimalist designs, blending Retro charm with contemporary functionality. The result? Record player cabinets that are visually stunning and perfectly suited to modern living. Whether you’re drawn to the clean lines and minimalist appeal, or the warmth of wood and natural materials, our record storage cabinets seamlessly integrate into any décor.

Innovative Storage Solutions

Tailored Record Storage Cabinets:

Say goodbye to generic, one-size-fits-all record storage cabinets. With our bespoke service, vinyl storage units are designed to meet your specific needs, accommodating vinyl records of various sizes. Crafted with precision to your own specifications, each vinyl cabinet ensures a sleek and organised display, adding a touch of sophistication to your record collection.

Embrace Nostalgia with Vintage-Inspired Cabinets

Classic Elegance:

Our retro-inspired vinyl cabinets and turntable stands evoke the charm of the 1950s, with design elements like Scandi legs and dovetail joinery. Custom-handmade, these cabinets offer ample storage while adding a nostalgic Retro touch to your home. Crafted from sustainably sourced solid oak or pine and finished to perfection, they’re as durable as they are beautiful.

Custom-Built Cabinets: Perfectly Personal

Tailored Perfection:

For the ultimate in personalised storage, our custom-built vinyl cabinets and record player stands are the pinnacle of luxury. Designed to fit your space perfectly, our handmade cabinets integrate storage for vinyl records, turntables and audio equipment. Need extra shelves for CDs or a custom fit for your amplifier? Our vinyl cabinets provide a cohesive, made-to-measure solution that completes the look of your room.

Customer-Centric Approach

Building Relationships:

At Blue Island Home, we create more than just furniture; we build lasting relationships. Sharing a passion for elegance, simplicity, functional beauty, and music, we deliver exceptional vinyl cabinets that resonate with your aesthetic values. Our collaboration with a local record shop and label has produced unique pieces cherished by the local community of record and HiFi lovers.

Elevate Your Vinyl Experience with Blue Island Home

Investing in a Blue Island Home handmade storage cabinet means choosing pieces that preserve your vinyl records while enhancing your home’s décor. Our dedication to quality, combined with our Retro and Mid-Century Modern design ethos, ensures that your vinyl collection is stored in style. Click here to explore our range of custom-handmade vinyl record storage solutions and discover how our beautifully crafted furniture can transform your living space into a sanctuary of music and elegance.

Ready to elevate your vinyl experience? 
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