We designed and made our first original furniture with hairpin legs years ago: a chunky TV stand fitted with 2-prong hairpin legs. It was popular when we launched it and continues to be a hit today. Since our first hairpin leg TV stand was a launched, the original design has had many improvements in production and finishing and is now fully mortised across its depth for super stability.

Today, we have a full range of hairpin legs wooden furniture inspired by the first hairpin TV stand we made to help better match our handmade furniture with different interior design styles, including Mid-Century Modern, art-deco, minimalist Scandi, contemporary, retro, rustic, vintage and industrial styles.

From hairpin leg desks, hairpin coffee tables to hairpin leg side desks and hairpin leg dining tables, our entire hairpin furniture range can be purchased at our standard sizes or customised in terms of size, finish or other design modifications.

Popular modifications for our hairpin TV stands and media units include increasing the shelf height to fit specific media equipment or lengthening the TV stand for ultra large television screens.

Our hairpin leg wooden furniture designs are available in solid oak and pine with hairpin leg colour and height options.